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    Not just store files in the cloud !
    Better organize your company's information, communication and tasks
    with MemShare's all-in-one context-based tree structure
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    Not just a pile of notebooks!
    Organize data in folders with infinite levels
    Forget the box. Embrace freedom.
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    Sharing means collaboration.
    Bring your customers, partners and employees to the table.
    Build communities.


Connect all the brains in your business in a single database.

Receive instant notifications about everything going on


Give your employees and partners the right kind of access to your data

Embrace on-topic collaboration.


Forget e-mail for internal communication.

Build custom microApps to get the most of your data.

Keep online meetings without ... meetings.

MemShare is designed to save time. Your time!

Be more productive. Have access to data. Enjoy more free time.